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Plenty of People are seeking the way to download videos from YouTube to MP3. Here are common questions asked by them:

Convert YouTube to MP3

YouTube to MP3 Converter

How do I make a song from YouTube as MP3?
Is converting YouTube music video into MP3 and using it for making video illegal?
How to take audio off YouTube in MP3 format?
What can I use to convert YouTube videos to MP3 format?
How do I record sounds from YouTube on my computer to MP3 files?
How do you get youtube on an MP3 player?
How can you download songs from YouTube to your MP3 player?
What is the best way to download MP3 from YouTube?
How can I download YouTube video as MP3?

Ok, no matter what you are asking about, there is only one thing we want to, convert YouTube videos to MP3 so we can take it wherever we want.

YouTube videos are flv format, you need to download and convert YouTube to MP3 format or you just rip off audio from YouTube.

Recommend tool to help you download and convert YouTube videos to MP3 – YouTube to MP3

main interface

Download YouTube to MP3 Converter Now

The third tool to help you download YouTube videos to MP3.
In order to make it easy, I take this for 2 steps.
You only need a YouTube downloader and Converter.
The first step is downloading, and the second one is converting.

Download YouTube Video Downloader for Windows OS

Part1: Download videos from YouTube.
This step is easy, because there are so many ways to achieve this. You may also know some online websites can do this, but I should say they are too slow and sometimes doesn’t work because thousands of people are already there. So why not own a tool to download videos from YouTube.

Here is a tool you can download; it’s free for downloading any videos.
Open the Program:

For example, you find a great music:
The address of the music is:
Copy the URL of the music on YouTube. Click Add to Download button to start a new download.

record RTMP video

Now it begins to download videos, you can keep on adding more.
But in order to keep it stable and fast, 2~3 videos will be good.

Part2: Convert YouTube videos to MP3
OK, the video has been downloaded; you can play with a built-in FLV player, just double click the video.

You must know that FLV video can only be played with FLV player. And it can’t be imported to MP3 player or other mobile devices.
Right click on the video and choose Convert; you can also add video files from your PC in the Convert tab.

media converter

Now you are on the convert tab. There are two ways to get music from the video.
One way is click Settings to set video, so you rip audio off YouTube videos.


The other way is choosing the output as MP3 format. If you are a professional video maker, you can do more with advanced settings.

set MP3 as output format

Someone may want the part of the video, how should we do? Yes, we can use the trim function to trim YouTube video files to capture your favorite clips.

video editor

Ok, now everything is ready. Click Start to let the program do the left thing for you. You finally get what you want.
Enjoy it yourself~

Get a YouTube to MP3 tool!

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  1. Toeker

    When I convert a downloaded video from YT it only plays for 1 min. after i try and make it into an MP3. the video it’s self will play just fine, but the mp3 only plays for one min??? any suggestions?

  • admin

    You need to purchase the YouTube to MP3 and get full version, Trial version can only convert 1 min..

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    you should try mp3-youtuber at

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    Good article and knowledge. I think convert YouTube to MP3 is not a difficult job if you use a right tool. I use a YouTube Mate to download and convert YouTube videos to MP3. It works perfect.

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    there’s another simple and useful tool called

  • Sue

    Is there any way I can just convert the music but not the video?

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